Early Christmas

Forgive the briefness of this blog – as I type I should probably be frantically packing…

For our trip to Australia and New Zealand! Yup, that’s right – I’ll be away for a few weeks celebrating a family wedding and taking some time to see the sights.

It’s kind of strange not enjoying the normal red & green splurge, the scent of the fir trees and prickling of holly wreaths. I’ll be lapping up the sun and the sea in a few days time and I can hardly get my head around it!

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas, and I will respond to all enquiries on my return.

Have a good’un!

Have Yourself a Very Twee Christmas

Post Christmas-wreath making (photos soon, I promise) come the Christmas table decorations.  To start off – we’ve twee limed terracotta pots with candles, alstroemeria, and Christmassy goodness.

The perfect gift for any Christmas table, is it not now!?

My house is full of smells of cinnamon, oranges and blue spruce and butternut squash soup.  Heartwarmingly good.  What does your house smell like this Christmas?  (I thought I’d ask the alternative questions…)


Pictures may be slightly out of focus…. but who cares, it’s Christmas!

Santa Baby

Wow, I can’t remember when I last left it this long to blog!  Sorry folks, I didn’t mean to abandon you.  Sometimes, Christmas centred activities can make your blogging diminish….

However, I’m back!  Ready to share with you the beautiful people I encounter, have a chance to photograph, illustrate and create beautiful floral designs for.  So here’s one family with their beautiful daughter in a (slightly tacky) Santa outfit (they won’t mind me saying that…), who is so gorgeous, she makes the Santa outfit look utterly adorable!  Don’t you agree?

King’s Church Durham Charity Christmas Cards

I am very pleased to show you a glimpse of the King’s Church Durham 2011 Charity Christmas Cards!

I’ve been designing these over the past few weeks, with the aim to make these cards modern, unique and yet traditional to the Christmas Story.  They are printed on deliciously shimmering thick card, making the bauble design glimmer in the light.  Each card has it’s own white envelope and is blank inside for your own message.

The profits from the sale of these cards goes straight to Handcrafted, a new initiative based in Durham City, helping the disadvantaged to gain valuable, employable and creative skills.  I’m really excited about this project, I think it carries a pro-active attitude to helping disadvantaged and long term unemployed people back into employment by learning traditional and modern skills.

I’m also helping to head up the King’s Church Christmas Fayre in Durham on Saturday 3rd December.  No, not the main one in the market square, but an even better one, based in the centre of Durham, in the Appleby Rooms, Church Street (opposite St Oswalds Church).  I’m going to have a stall there, as are about 15 other creative people, selling all sorts of beautiful bits and pieces, yummy cakes, pancakes, homemade mince pies, warm spicy apple drinks, jewellery, Christmas cards, wreaths, gifts and much much more.  10% of all sales at this fayre go straight to Handcrafted too, to give the project the boost it needs to get going in the new year.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering the Kings Christmas Cards, then you can join others by filling in the Christmas Card Form and popping down your name, email address and how many packs you would like.

Christmas Wreath Making is Back!

It’s back, and bigger and better than the year before!

Last year went down a storm, nearly at full capacity, over 25 beautiful, individual and handmade Christmas wreaths were created!  Our make-your-own Christmas wreath session is back (by popular demand – (I’ve always wanted to say that)) and will be held on Tuesday 6th December in Durham City, for novices and experts alike!  All materials will be provided for you, all you’ll need is a pair of scissors and to arrive ready for action!  We may even have a little mulled wine and mince pies and warming Christmas music on…

Click to view the poster large below for more details and to sign up – either contact me or use the form below.

Hope to see you there.


Click the button below to go to the form to sign up!

Christmas Wreath Making Form


Family Portraits for Christmas?

If you’re interested, just get in touch via our Contact Page, there’s still a few dates free in the lead up to Christmas, but they are booking up!

Christmas Crafts

Twiggy Wreaths

Fruity Wintry Colours

Dried Rose Heads

Candles in Pots

Christmas presents and Christmas decorations.

Just before Christmas, I treated myself to a glue gun – a dream fulfilled!  Christmas presents were handmade this year – dried roses, fake berries, apples and cinnamon were glued onto twiggy wreaths and given as gifts.  Roses were glued in heart shapes for cousins and framed in wooden box frames.  The glue dried quicker than I expected, so I had a few mishaps in the beginning.  Candles were set in bowls or jam jars and surrounded by cupressus, ivy spores, glittered gold leaves and burgundy ribbon.  These livened up the Christmas dinner table, which didn’t really need livening up – it was a feast yet again this year!

The white chocolate cheesecake was my favourite this Christmas.

All photos taken with my spangly new Portrait Lens!

A New Portrait Lens for Christmas

My lovely husband bought me a portrait lens for Christmas. I have been using the same lens I bought my camera with over three years ago, so this is really exciting. Naturally, I tested it out over our Christmas meal on a few family members.
I know you must be thinking “Gosh, she opens her Christmas presents before the Christmas meal”, and it’s true, we do (in fact, we open them before breakfast…) but it gives an opportunity to enjoy your present throughout the day, doesn’t it?!
I hope you managed to capture some smiles this Christmas.

Wreath Making Session: A Retrospective

I didn’t have time to report on the wreath-making session on Tuesday right away as I’ve been filming things with green screens, been in and out of work, attended Christmas parties and finishing off a big DIY project (more photos to come on that…)

24 crafty creatures came to our session on Tuesday, ranging from as young as the under 10′s and as old as the over 70s.  We had cinnamon, raffia, berries, dried oranges, pinecones, dried seeds, golden leaves, roses in all colours, blue spruce, cupresses and of course, pearly glitter and gold spray.  The under 10′s particularly loved the gold spray.  Poor Phil had to man the “messy play” table, and try to mop up the spray on the wood panelled walls of the Appleby Rooms.

Traditional lessons in floristry were learnt, all manner of decorative things were wired and 24 beautiful, unique and personal Christmas wreaths were created.  A big hand to everyone who came, you all did really well.

An Easter bonnet making session next?

Handpainted Christmas Gift Tags

We had an early Christmas last weekend as Phil’s parents are off to Australia for the festive season. It’s less festive out there, but it is nicer weather I suppose, and I’ve heard there’s an important cricket match on…?
So we were forced to get festive nice and early. I enjoy the little extras at Christmas-time, especially if they are a part of gifts. This year I handpainted simple watercolour gift tags and attached them to our presents with raffia. I haven’t told you about my love for raffia yet have I? Expect a blog raving about it very soon…
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