Floral and Stripe Wedding Invitation Samples

A few sample watercolour and ink wedding invitations I’ve been designing recently, inspired by some fabric I’ve used to make some fabric noticeboards in the past few weeks.   It wasn’t any special fabric, or any I had completely fallen in love with, but it’s combo of stripes and florals was a simple design just too good to not to capture my imagination and take me away with the fairies!

And these are the results – a few samples printed on ribbed ivory card, postcard size.  I love postcard size.  There are more designs gently floating around my head, I’m sure I’ll develop them soon.  What are your thoughts faithful readers?  Any designs you feel inspired I should try?

Love to all and thanks for reading! x

The Postlude to Jeanna & Ed Spencer (Should have been a Prelude)

Jeanna and Ed approached me a few months back to paint them a design for their wedding invitation, (which I meant to post about this yonks ago, but got distracted!)  
The brief was “something to do with a tree”, some favourite bible verses and the colour deep coral.  Above you see what I came up with.  The illustration featured on the front of their invitations, the tree roots on the back.  The design was printed on pearlescent card and tied with a burgundy ribbon and looked really lovely, very original, designed specifically for them.
I was surprised when I arrived at the wedding venue to set up the flowers to find the illustration on every name card, and inside every name card, on gift tags and on the main slide shown inside the church!  Wow!
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