So I’ve been gone a while from my blog. Sorry about that! Mainly, I’ve been working on ‘OneBigStory’ a local project set up in Durham involving 300 children from 10 local Primary Schools. The children worked together, a chapter per school, to create one big story.  The story is then written up, illustrated and published so each child can have a copy, and so the book is o sale. Pretty ambitious, huh?

I illustrated the book, based on the children’s illustrations and it was published a few weeks back. Probably the best way to introduce the project is through this video…

 One Big Story from Chris Morgan on Vimeo.

The children created the content of the book in workshops, and then Seymour Jacklin, a local writer, pulled the script together, and Christina Maiden (Off the Page Drama) directed the entire project. Both were an absolute delight to work alongside!

I took thousands of photos during the project, too, and have found it a bit tricky to narrow down to just a few to show you, but below are some aspects of the project that has absorbed rather a lot of time this Autumn!

Above ^^ a child’s drawing of a character called ‘Hobo Dave’. Below, the published version of the character, ‘Hobo Dave’ as drawn by me! (He looks frightening, but he is quite friendly really…)

Above ^^ proud pupils with their work during the workshop sessions. Below, children admire the finished project – their very own copy of the book!

You can purchase the book on Amazon here… One Big Story on Amazon