What a glorious July it has been. Long spells of hot sunny weather, freshly made elderflower cordial, camping trips in our campervan (with newly fitted exhaust, hurrah!), interspersed with weddings, new illustrations and discovering local flora.

Apologies for radio silence of no blog update for over a month. But frankly, who wants to sit at a computer any longer than necessary when the weather has been as glorious as it has?


The hot weather has been a real treat, but not always easy in this pregnant body that suffered with hayfever. Thankfully it’s cooled down a little now, and the pots in the garden can survive without the daily watering can visits, and I can breathe easier.


The spaniel has overcome his fear of water this Summer. Usually he wanders around puddles, not through them, and tentatively tries to drink from rivers and streams, without falling in. Not any more. The spaniel has become a true spaniel, loving the water and making a big splash. It’s been quite fun watching him run through streams and chase after fish.


I’m really enjoying living in Cirencester, our new home in the Cotswolds. The weather here is just a few degrees warmer, and that will make for an exciting time when I have a garden I can plant things in, developing the ‘cutting garden’ dream. For now, I borrow from obliging fields and friendly neighbours. There is the most gorgeous and enormous Eucalyptus robusta tree outside my house that belongs to a neighbour, and they’ve offered me as much or as little as I would like. WIN.

There’s plenty of beautiful wedding photography goodness for me to show you over the next few days and weeks and I’ll be preparing some posts to show off my beautiful Brides and Grooms.

As a heads up, I’ll be taking a break/doing a bit less for Floral Footsteps from October this year, in order to spend some time getting to know my baby! I hope to be taking little bits of work on from Spring and taking bookings for Summer weddings. The dates are filling up fast – so do get in touch if you want to secure your wedding date for flowers or photography!

Summery love to all,

Robyn x