Although my wedding photography base is Cirencester, I’ve been all over the UK taking photos in different locations. I’ve decided to compile 8 of my favourites from recent years. Also, my poor blog has not had a lot of love, and it’s time I gave it a nice shiny new post for you all to goggle at!

First up, it’s Lucy and Charles’ marquee wedding in Oxted, Surry. The marquee was a beautiful blend of whites and subtle flecks of pinks and greens, with tables set out in long banqueting lines. Honestly, it was really gorgeous.


Ben and Clare’s wedding in County Durham was pretty special, with this fantastically shaped marquee in a field that his parents owned. With nobody around for miles.


A local spot for Jacqui and Michael’s wedding at Matara in Tetbury, near Cirencester. This is a stunning venue, with an area to have a beautiful outdoor ceremony, gardens to explore and an exquisite main room with blue domed ceiling. The food looked pretty amazing too.


Charlotte and Daniel’s tipi wedding in her back garden in Harrow, London, was not a wedding I will soon forget. The atmosphere and intimacy of this wedding venue was so warm and inviting.


The simple location of a pleasantly situated village hall with a small open marquee, some lively guests, yellow candy floss, lemonade, hay bales, live music, a bouncy castle and a generous dollop of sunshine made this wedding a corker.


St. Paul’s HTB Church Onslow Square. The Bride and Groom were wed in another HTB church (St Jude’s) and then had their amazing reception in the funky-lit building that is St. Pauls Onslow Square. Dining and dancing on a Saturday night, only to quickly be transformed into God-centred worship the following morning. Excellent.


Hengrave Hall for Nay and Tom’s wedding was lovely. A private mid-week wedding meant we had the whole building to ourselves. Little nooks and crannys in this glorious old venue made for the perfect spot for this stunning medieval inspired wedding.


And finally, Cripps Stone Barn. Jennifer and Tim’s wedding in Gloucestershire was a delight. The weather was truly not delightful in the slightest, but being warm and cosy in this building with Europe’s largest rotisserie (the whole place smelt of the most comforting fire smell in the world) was no problem in the slightest. The photos from this wedding are under wraps at the moment as the Bride and Groom have not yet received them, so I’ll leave you with just a taster of the outside. Just imagine the beauty inside…