If you’re getting married in Cirencester town, you’ll want to know a few lovely spots to have your wedding photographs taken. Well, here are a few of my favourites…

First up, Abbey Grounds Park in Cirencester. There are some lovely spots by the lake and views of the enormous Parish Church behind.

Abbey Grounds in Autumn or Spring is a perfect spot for wedding photos. In Spring there are crocuses and snowdrops galore, in Autumn, gallons of crunchy pretty leaves.

Cecily Hill, Cirencester. I believe the Bathurst Estate owns a fair number of the properties on this gorgeous Cotswold street. This is a snapshot of me (pregnant a couple of summers ago, before you ask!) by some of the adorable cottages that always have fantastic floral displays in the Summer months.


Cirencester Park, Bathurst Estate. The start of the park is situated at the top of Cecily Hill and lined with trees. Providing there aren’t too many people or dogs around, this is a lovely open spot for traditional group photographs or the more quirky type…


Pretty much any beautiful Cotswolds door makes the perfect backdrop. Throw in a rambling rose or wisteria in there too… I’m sure the owners won’t mind..


Cirencester is surrounded by beautiful countryside. These shots were taken in a field near Down Ampney. It’s a pretty ordinary field, but the right golden hour lighting and it becomes a beautiful field.

This rape seed field is opposite the Abbey Grounds and is stunning at the moment. This is me and my son who took a trip there this week. It’s right next to a main road, but you can find beauty in the strangest of places.