Jen and Steve’s magical Oxford City wedding was an utter delight to photograph. I asked the Bride before the wedding to describe the day in her eyes. Words such as “meadowy and happy” appeared. I knew I would be in my element!

The day started in a hotel in Oxford City where the Bride and her maids were adding their final touches.

The Bride, her maids and family walked the short walk down one of main streets in Oxford. The Father of the Bride was a true gent, lifting his hat to passers by, many of whom waved and commented on the beautiful Bridal party.

The wedding ceremony took place at the stunning University College Oxford in the candlelit chapel there.

Guests hugged and greeted the newly weds as they left the ceremony venue.

How much would we all love to have one of these beautiful giant wisteria trees covering the outside of their house? Oh, Oxford, you beauty. (Wisteria still flowering, too – in August!)

I had the privilege of taking photos of the beautiful bride in a special area in University College next to the Percy Shelley memorial. This was particularly special to Jen, as she’s spent the last few years focusing on delivering a DPhil in Shelley’s poetry.

Everyone then caught a big red bus to the reception venue.

The reception venue was the stunning the Perch, Oxford  a wedding venue I’ve not visited before, but immediately fell in love with. It backs onto Port Meadow in Oxford which was absolutely blissful. The wildlife were grazing in the meadow and wading through the water and the guests enjoyed drinks whilst the Bride and Groom arrived a few minutes afterwards by boat, as you do!

Beautiful, meadowy port meadow.

The Perch venue was dressed in vintage, quirky attire and was thoroughly welcoming and delightful.

Fresh flowers on the cakes. Love it.

A few special moments with the Bride and Groom by the Oxford river. Even more passers-by sending their congratulations. I just adored the back of Jen’s wedding dress.

Dinner was served at the Perch, and later lots of dancing and cutting of the cake. A fabulous, happy day for all involved! (including me, I can also testify the food was amazing!)


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