WOW was this zesty wedding was so much fun to photograph! Get ready for incredible amounts of sunshine yellow! 7 bridesmaids, 3 flower girls, 2 bridal dresses, giant yellow balloons, an enormous wedding cake, candy floss, lemonade, a bouncy castle, plenty of sunshine and a beautiful and delightful Bride and Groom! Later, we had such a magical photoshoot in some nearby Watford Woodland, with perfect lighting. 

Rosanna got ready at her family home, surrounded by her bridesmaids and family. Each bridesmaid had sourced their own yellow dress – it was the most amazing eclectic mix!

The Bride appears in her FIRST dress of the day (she got changed after the ceremony. So rock and roll!)

The bridal party accompanied by two giant yellow helium balloons walked all the way to church.

Rosanna and Josh tied the knot in her family church in Watford.

And afterwards were congratulated with huge hugs from their adoring family!

We were then off to the woods, where the light was just perfect, and the Bride & Groom completely besotted with eachother!

At the sunny reception venue, guests were feasting bright yellow candy floss, sipping lemonade and listening to live music on hay bales. Perfect!


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